The Marshall City Council amended their budget Monday night. A change in the amount of $50,000 was approved. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with City Administrator Connie Latimer:

Connie Latimer

The City was able to take advantage of an unexpected opportunity. “There was $9,000 for trash dumpster. The company that does those, that makes those, that we get them from, they’re going out of business. They made us a really good deal on some, so we spent $9,000 we didn’t have budgeted,” said Latimer. The amendment also included $10,000 for new fire department uniforms, which will be covered by a grant. The Park Department also bought a tractor. This fiscal year ends in September.

City Counselor Don Stouffer also brought forward a new workplace discrimination and harassment policy. Training on the new policy is being held Tuesday.

A procedure for disclosing potential conflicts of interest was approved. This is standard. “It’s for certain officials. What happens is that they have to disclose if they do business with the City, and what their relationship with the City is as far as business dealings, and how much money’s involved, and that sort of thing,” said Latimer, “It’s just a standard policy we review and renew every so often.”

City Council also approved a $22,000 contract with Shafer,Kline, and Warren, Inc. for a study of the water treatment plant. This is to ensure they are meeting new requirements set by the Department of Natural Resources.