Mrs. Missouri All American Jessica Jones will step on the national stage January 19th as she competes for the title of Mrs. All American.  The Marshall resident says the contest is a unique opportunity to represent Missouri…

“Its a beauty pageant but it’s more than that, it is a pageant that empowers women of all marital statuses, all shapes and sizes to become a stronger more well rounded woman in every aspect of their life.”

Jones is accepting contributions and seeking opportunities that can help cover expenses for the contest in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

“From $10 to $100 to $500, however much it doesn’t matter to me,” she says.  “I will wash cars, bake cookies, anything somebody needs done, any community project that needs help, I’m there.”

The Saline County business owner hopes to claim the crown and use the national platform to assist others by drawing on her own experience.

“Helping women in business or women that are trying to start their own business find grants and financial outlets to successfully start businesses or to successfully grow their business”

All sponsorship fees are tax-deductible and can be written off as either advertising or a charitable contribution. 

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