Many school districts are concerned about the pending funding dilemma for fiscal year 2013.  Click to hear KMZU’s Bob Allen talk with Marshall Superintendent Craig Noah:

Craig Noah

Noah says they’ve been preparing for what may happen in the future by cutting a little bit at a time.  The district has been discussing the ramifications of stimulus money with the board of education for the past two years in an effort to be proactive about federal jobs bill funds vanishing after this school year.  Noah says the district is in great financial shape because they have been paring down and streamlining things for some time.  Noah reminded the board about the situation during their regular meeting Tuesday night.

The board also heard a report on the district’s A+program.  Noah says the the annual review is a quick view of how the initiative works including how many students are involved, what activities are a part of the program, and what benefits students receive.  The Department of Higher Education is proposing a per-hour funding cap that could be a significant hinderance to those enrolled.