The Marshall City Council meets Monday at 5:15 p.m. to discuss adding a full-time patrol officer to the police force.  Click to hear KMZUs John Chojnicki talk with City Administrator Connie Latimer:

Connie Latimer

“We are fortunate to have had a position available,” said Latimer.  “The young lady that they’re wanting to hire as an entry level patrol officer has already been serving the city has a reserve officer so [council] is recommending that we go ahead and hire her full-time.”

Another item of business is the swearing in of council members who were elected on Apr. 3.  “The bench has remained unchanged,” Latimer said.  “Sheila Cook Ward 1, Vince Lutterbie Ward 2, Dan Brandt Ward 3, and Ron Duvall Ward 4 will take their seats again on Monday night.”

Council meets at City Hall.