The Missouri Agriculture and Small Business Development Authority have recently introduced their new Executive Director, Mr. David Meyer. “I think one of the things is just to increase our outreach so that more and more producers and lenders know about our programs,” Meyer explained his goal for MASBDA, “Kind of increase the reach of what we do so that we can assess more agriculture producers and farmers in the state of Missouri.”

A home grown leader is an advantage for MASBDA and all who may access their resources. “I’m a lifelong Missourian,” knowing the area and the hurdles some Ag producers and farmers face, Meyers explains his qualifications for his current position, “Born and raised in a small farm in Moniteau County, I still have a small farming operation so I really appreciate what agriculture brings to Missouri and what an important component it is economically and otherwise. My back ground was in Economic Development and Finance. I think that back ground and history can really help do what we need to do here at the Missouri Ag and Small Business Development Authority.”

The Authority offers a multitude of programs to Missourians in several different areas of Ag and production. “We just want to encourage farmers and producers,” Meyers expressed his want to help Show-Me businesses and agriculture producers, “If they are looking at doing different types of things or doing some value added stuff there on their farms or looking at different things, give us a call. We’d be happy to talk to you and definitely if we can help you we’re going to sure try to do that. And if not, again we have a staff with a lot of experience and if we can’t help you directly we’ll try to send you somewhere where you can get what you need.” More information regarding MASBDA can be found at the Missouri Department of Agriculture website, including tax credit programs, grants, loans, and more. Citizens can also call (573)-751-5624 with any questions, comments, and/or concerns.