Dog lovers in Grandview are going to be a lot happier, as will their dogs, when a special place to take man’s best friend opens in 2014.

Concepts for the state-of- the-art dog park were approved last week by the Board of Aldermen as part of a no tax increase voter approved bond issue. The 6 acre park will be located inside Meadowmere Park just north of 139th Street.

A public comment session is scheduled for September 11th from 7 to 8 p.m. in the Oak Room at the View on Byars Road.

Officials with the Parks and Recreation Commission said there will be some limits to construction because of the budget but local leaders are using a website to help raise additional funding, a link is located below.

Press Release from the city of Grandview

Grandview, Mo — In 2014, dog lovers in Grandview will have a special place to take their best friends.  Preliminary concept plans for a state-of-the-art dog park were presented and approved on Tuesday, August 6, by the Board of Aldermen.  This project is part of the no-tax-increase 2008 voter-approved bond issue.  

 The 6-acre first dog park will be located within Meadowmere Park, on the east of Byars Rd., just to the north of 139th Street.  The concept design included three to four fenced areas for off-leash dogs of different sizes, parking, shade structures, walking trails and additional special features designed to enhance the dogs’ experience at the park.

 “Our goal is to build the best dog park in the Kansas City area, with the hopes that it will be a destination for all dogs to bring their owners.” Parks & Recreation Director Eric Lucas said.

Lucas mentioned while the department and the parks and recreation commission would like to do all that is included in the preliminary design, they will most likely be constrained by a limited budget. They will try to raise more money through, a crowd sourcing website dedicated to help communities raise funds for civic projects through online donations.

One special feature that is certain to be included is the bridge on U.S. Highway 40 over the Blue River.  The bridge is scheduled to be replaced this year with a new structure by the Missouri Department of Transportation.  The historic bridge trusses will be transported to Grandview to make way for a new crossing over the Little Blue River in the dog park.  This crossing will continue Grandview’s dedication to trail enhancements throughout its park system.

The City will be holding a public comment session on September 11, 2013, from 7 to 8 p.m. in the Oak Room at ‘The View’, located at 13500 Byars Road.  The purpose of the meeting is to gather feedback and input from residents on what features they would like to see at the park.   The design should be completed by the end of October 2013 with construction to follow.  The Department plans to open the park in late spring/early summer 2014.