The Maysville School District had to deal with a threat Tuesday after local law enforcement officials were informed of a former student’s plans. Superintendent Robert Smith said the man reportedly lived in or near Cameron and is now being held for a 96-hour evaluation.  Authorities said some weapons were found at his home.  His name has not been released.  Smith posted a summary on the district’s website informing parents of the situation and said he will keep the public informed as more information becomes available.  Click to hear KMZU’s Mike Stone talk with Smith:

Robert Smith

“Dekalb County Sheriff Wes Raines came to my office around 1:00 p.m. Tuesday and informed me that a student, who had graduated from the school in the mid-1990s, had made a threat against some people in the school.  They were general threats and not directed at specific people.  This gentleman felt like his career as a student didn’t go the way he liked so he had some hard feelings,” Smith said.

Although authorities didn’t believe the school was in immediate danger, they stepped up security and Smith put staff members on “heightened alert.”  “When [Raines] came to the school, he brought a driver’s license.  I met with the faculty to show them this man’s picture and gave them more information about the incident.  We also discussed proper procedures if this man were to have carried out his threat,” Smith added.

Dekalb County Sheriff’s deputies later located the man at his home near Cameron.  They reported finding firearms and knives during a subsequent search of the residence.  The unidentified man was transported to Heartland Regional Medical Center for a mental evaluation.  He is currently in custody while the sheriff’s department continues to investigate.