U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill

U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill

Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives appear willing to risk a government shutdown if it means derailing the President’s health care law. House Speaker John Boehner has announced they plan use a routine temporary government funding bill to withhold resources from the Affordable Care Act.

Click to hear Wednesday morning’s press conference with U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill:

Claire McCaskill

McCaskill calls the plan “completely unrealistic.”

“There is a group of people in the House of Representatives that are determined to stake all of their service in government around the health care bill,” said McCaskill, “And are perfectly content to see government shut down, and to see us go into a market tailspin. Which could, in fact, extend globally over not paying our bills as a government.”

McCaskill predicts the the Senate will likely strip out the heath care portion before sending the bill back to the House.

“Then they’ll have a very difficult decision to make. For the purpose of scoring political points, are they willing to throw our economy under the bus? And, more importantly, the American people under the bus? Because the the pain of an economy that heads the other way is real pain felt by those that lose jobs, those who don’t get pay increases, and another slowdown in our economy that has real human consequences.”

If the budget is not passed by the end of this month, a partial government shutdown could take effect on October 1st.