Claire McCaskill FeaturedWASHINGTON — United States Senators for Missouri and New York have made a ‘high stakes’ wager surrounding the outcome of the 2015 World Series.

For the second year in a row, the Kansas City Royals will appear in the World Series after taking home the American League Pennant in a 4-2 run against the Toronto Blue Jays. The Mets swept the Chicago Cubs 4-0 for the National League Pennant. Now, both Senator Claire McCaskill and Senator Chuck Schumer are joining in the World Series fun with a friendly bet.

Should the Mets win the Series, McCaskill will tweet a photo of a Mets flag hanging outside her home, and donate $100 to Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Corona, Queens. If the Royals win, Schumer has agreed to tweet a photo of himself riding down the streets of New York City on a bike, wearing a Royals t-shirt. Schumer will also donate $100 to the MLB Urban Youth Academy.

“For the second year in a row, the Kansas City Royals are showing the country that when it comes to baseball, we are not flyover country,” McCaskill stated in a release to the public. “This year we need to finish the job, with our never-give-up, never-say-die determination, I’m confident that Senator Schumer will be wearing Royal blue in the Big Apple soon.”