Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross speak with 39th District State Representative Joe Don McGaugh:

Joe Don McGaugh

The 98th General Assembly is underway in Jefferson City. 39th District State Representative Joe Don McGaugh said they received their committee assignments from new House Speaker John Diehl last week.  “We’ve changed the structure where before all the committees and the bills passed out of committees would go to one single rules committee before it would go out on the House floor,” said McGaugh, “What the Speaker has done is create 13 select committees and then the committees that are underneath those.  So, for the next two years I’ll be service on the Regular Standing Committee on Elections, Regular Standing Committee on Civil and Criminal Jurisprudence, Regular Standing Committee on Agriculture, and Vice Chair on the Select Standing Committee on Judiciary.”

Lawmakers are assigned to committees base on their occupation, experience, and specific areas of expertise.

McGaugh also talked  about the biggest priorities in the state capitol.  “This time of year, everyone is talking about the budget,” said McGaugh, “That’s probably the most important thing.  After that, it’s always economic development and how we move the state forward to make us bigger and better as far as our business environment to try to create jobs for all of Missouri.  There’s been talk again about our tax structure which we passed the first tax  cut in 93 years last year which we think will help grow the economy.”

We can expect to learn more about the budget during Governor Jay Nixon’s state of the state address which is scheduled for Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m.