39th District Rep. Peggy McGaugh presents the state’s bicentennial flag and banner to the Carroll County Commission on Friday, Oct. 30. Pictured with McGaugh is commissioner David Martin. (KMZU)

CARROLLTON — On Friday, Rep. Peggy McGaugh, R-Carrollton, met with Carroll County museum patrons encouraging them to participate in Missouri’s bicentennial celebration on Aug. 10, 2021. The statewide effort is to bring better understanding of the state’s history and investments to its future. In Carroll County, that’s being on the forefront of Missouri’s medical marijuana industry, she says.

“You guys are on the move, and I’m so proud of what you’ve done with the businesses that are coming in. And we all know what I’m talking about is C4 — Carroll County Cannabis Company,” McGaugh says. “You are of the first who’s going to experience what new industry can come.”

County officials kept an open mind about the somewhat controversial industry, especially being a rural community.

“I never realized until I went into my other two counties in my district, Chariton and Ray, how jealous they are of you,” McGaugh say, with commission David Martin commenting, “Really?”

The effects of the fledgling, but booming business can already been seen in Carrollton, she says.

“The investment in the community is huge, it really is. I also know the housing market is on fire. That’s wonderful. How many times do you see for sale signs outnumber the political signs?” she asks.

McGaugh suggests the museum partner with the fair board for an event, possibly one with period clothing prior to the fair. To bring more school kids to the museum, the organization could also join the Missouri Community Legacies project to give students a snapshot of traditions, places and the people of Carroll County. A perk to joining that initiative is being placed on the state bicentennial state calendar and app and being part of a time capsule. A custom retractable banner and 200th anniversary flag were also presented to the Carroll County Commission.