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Click play below to listen to KMZU’s Shaylee Miller speak with Missouri Representative of the 39th District, Joe Don McGaugh about his most recent Capitol Report:

Joe Don McGaugh

The Missouri House of Representatives recently introduced Bill 513, the Reduction of Bureaucratic Red Tape for Missouri Businesses Bill. “Basically we can do business filings online through the Secretary of State,” McGaugh explained, “You can amend your business entity. Through this we are streamlining a $5 fee on all business filings, which we would be the lowest in the country for folks. One of the things we hear about the most is that folks consider it to be a bit burdensome to set up business entities and we don’t want that to be the case, we want everybody to have these types of entities to protect their assets.”

Another bill discussed in McGaugh Capitol Report was the recent approval of the Medical Malpractice Reform Bill. After this bill had been struck down by the Missouri Supreme court twice before, representatives decided to try again with new language, capping non-economic malpractice damages at $350,000. “We’ve seen other states that have done this,” McGaugh spoke about Bill 384, “They’re access to good health care has improved and the number of court cases against practitioners in the medical field has gone down. So for me, that’s two things that are good, less lawsuits and more access to health care. For me, it was a good bill.”

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