JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — As soon as it is dark on June 30, the 2019 frogging season will be officially underway.

The Missouri Department of Conservation announced in a press release Monday the dates for the 2019 frogging season. The season ends on October 31.

Photo: Missouri Department of Conservation

Bullfrogs and green frogs are the two most popular native frog species in Missouri, which can be hunted with either a Missouri fishing permit or small-game permit during the season.

The daily limit for frogging is eight of both species combined and the season possession limit is 16 of both species combined.

Anyone who has a valid Missouri fishing permit may take frogs by atlatl, bank line, bow, gig, grabbing, hand, hand net, jug line, limb line, pole and line, snagging, snaring, throwline and trotline.

Hunters possessing a valid small-game permit may harvest frogs by .22-caliber or smaller rimfire rifle or pistol, atlatl, bow, crossbow, hand, hand net and pellet gun. Using artificial light is permitted while frogging.

To learn about frogging season in Missouri and view frog leg recipes, visit the Missouri Department of Conservation’s website.