JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — According to Joe Jerek, spokesperson for the MDC, “it’s that time of year again”. The Missouri Department of Conservation will accept applications for managed deer hunts beginning July 1.

Managed hunts allow the public an opportunity to hunt in a designated location where deer are typically overpopulated.

“It’s that time of year again where deer hunters will have a shot at more than 100 managed deer hunts through the department of conservation,” Jerek said. “And those are held throughout the state. They include archery and muzzleloading and even modern fire arms. We also have special hunts for youth and people with disabilities.”

Applications will be accepted July 1 – 31. Between Sept. 1 and Jan. 15, individuals will then be selected based on a random drawing.

“If you get selected for a managed hunt, you will get some information in the mail,” Jerek explained. “And usually those hunts have an orientation session before the actual hunt.”

Hunts will take place throughout the deer hunting season in mid-Sept. to mid-Jan. And they will be held at specific MDC conservation areas, state parks, national wildlife refuges and public hunting areas in Missouri.

“We encourage folks to apply for a managed deer hunt starting July 1 and then prior to that they can go online,” Jerek said. “And check out the different managed hunts available.”

Applications and more information can be found on the Missouri Department of Conservation website.