KMZU’s Sandi Wilson spoke with Missouri Department of Conservation’s Wildlife Program Manager Sarah Kendrick about the managed deer hunts for the 2014-2015 fall/winter season.

Sarah Kendrick1

The MDC’s managed deer hunts will be from September through January. With 5700 spots open most hunters are allowed to apply for only one hunt. Hunters who are confined to a wheelchair are allowed to apply for more than one hunt.

Sarah Kendrick2

Beginning July 1st, deer hunters can apply online for a shot at nearly 5700 openings for more than 100 Missouri Department of Conservation managed deer hunts taking place from Mid-September through mid-January.

Hunters will be notified of their selection between September 2nd and January 15th. There is a preference point system in place. Sarah Kendrick with the MDC explains.

Sarah Kendrick3

Starting July 1st, hunters can go to the MDC website and apply for a chance to participate in a managed hunt. The application period ends July 31st.