MISSOURI — Apps are useful tools that perform a variety of functions from finding information, to games, to books and more.

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) has released an updated version of one of their apps, the MO Hunting App.

KMZU’s Dan Watson chatted with Cassey Kuester, an IT Project Manager with the Missouri Department of Conservation, to learn more about new features within the app, who can use it as well as other apps offered by the MDC.

Click below to listen to their conversation which aired Friday on KMZU.

According Kuester, one of the updates provides convenience for hunters and trappers in Missouri by allowing them to view past and present license and tags that have been purchased through the MDC.

“It enables hunters and anglers to view and purchase annual hunting and fishing permits as well as their deer and turkey permits directly from their mobile device,” Kuester said, “and then these hunters are also able to notch and tele-check their permits and they can also view their past permit and tele-check history.”

Other parts of the new update include the ability to hide past permits and other useful features.

“We have also added the ability to hide expired permits on the permits listing page,” Kuester stated, “we’ve improved the tele-check work flow . . . previously you notched your permit and then you got kicked back out to your permit list and then you would have to find your permit again and then go back in and tele-check it.”

Now hunters and anglers can notch their permits and tele-check them without having to look for the permit a second time.

While the MO Hunting App is the latest update, the MDC also offers a variety of other apps as well.

“So we have three other ones here,” Kuester explained, “the MO Fishing App . . . we also have the new MO Outdoors App . . . another we have is called the MO Conservationist Magazine App.”

For more information about the MO Hunting App and the other apps offered by the MDC, visit the Missouri Department of Conservation’s website.