JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — On Wednesday, June 20, Missouri Department of Conservation Agent Chris Horn received information from a concerned citizen regarding an illegal tire dump at the Stringtown Bridge Access in Cole County.

Stringtown Bridge Access is a popular area in Cole County for fishing, hunting and hiking (Photo provided by the MDC).

Horn, who was out of town for training at the time, requested a photo of the site to understand the full scope of the situation.

“It was a much bigger incident than I had kind of fathomed in my head,” Horn said. “I got in touch with our area staff, got them to straighten it up, get what they could off the area. Then I went out there a couple of days later, after I was available, and took some pictures.”

The agent and his team have removed almost all of the tires, but he added that they are still working on properly disposing a small stack of them. The remaining tires are arranged neatly out of the public’s way to ensure the safety of all Stringtown Bridge Access visitors, Horn said.

Agent Horn is actively investigating the situation and he welcomes any information the public can provide on this littering violation.

“We appreciate anybody that is willing to come forward,” Horn said. “We appreciate their help and support in the investigation of this matter. It really is a sad thing to deal with.”

To contact Agent Horn call 573-690-6295 or email him at

Individuals can also call the Operation Game Thief Hotline at 1-800-392-1111 to anonymously provide information on this incident or other violations involving MDC regulations.