After four years of service to Pettis County, outgoing Presiding Commissioner John Meehan is saying goodbye and will be honored at a retirement reception this afternoon. The former banker and Sedalia School District Board Member signed on to offer his assistance to the county and says he’s glad he did. “It’s been a tremendous opportunity for me to come here and serve,” said Meehan, “I committed to four years of bringing my skill set to the county which is budgeting, management, and finance, and  with the assistance with each one of the elected officials, we have all worked together to make Pettis County one of the most efficient counties in the state.”

Earlier this year, Meehan said he felt he was leaving the county in excellent hands.  “We have a tremendous community,” said Meehan, “We have a tremendous manufacturing base that is diversified.  Sales tax revenue, as of right now, is up 3 % over last year.  Things are very good throughout Pettis County.  When sales tax is up, that means people are spending money and they’re spending money because they’re working hard and they’re earning their money.  So, I really don’t see any major challenges.”

Meehan also reflected on major events during his time in office that included a tornado, a 22-inch snowstorm, and a gas pipeline explosion.

Monday’s ceremony is scheduled for 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. on the first floor of the courthouse.