Listen to KMZU’s Ashley Johnson interview V.P of Public Affairs, Dan Zielinski.

National Tire Safety Week this year is from May 24th-30th.  With gas prices relatively cheap, the number of travelers this Memorial Day is expected to increase compared to numbers within the past ten years.   Dan Zielinski is the Vice President of Public Affairs with the Rubber Manufacturers Association.  The Association states, “Underinflated tires waste gas, wears tires out quicker, and puts drivers at risk.  Some of the tire-safety tips Zielinski gives are well known, while some are not.

Check tire pressure with a tire pressure gauge.  (since visual confirmation is unreliable)

Do not use maximum tire-pressure reading on side-wall.

Find the recommended tire pressure on the driver-side door or door jamb.  (Also check the owner’s manual)

Check tires when cold. (before you drive)  Hot tires may give inaccurate pressure readings.

Use the penny test to check tire-tread depth.  (Insert Lincoln head-down.  If entire head is visible, tread is unacceptable.)

Visually inspect tires for bulges, cuts or punctures.