The Carrollton Area Economic Alliance has a way for locals to give the gift of what Carrollton and the surrounding area has to offer for the Holidays this year. Click to hear KMZU’s Stephanie Shannon talk with Carrollton Area Economic Alliance Director Sharon Metz:

Sharon Metz

Merchant bucks can be used at more than 30 area businesses, and Metz said the number grows every year. She added that the bucks can be used for just about anything.

“Give them the merchant bucks, and then whenever they want to spend them they can use them for [anything] from going to the beauty shop, to eating out with their family, to quick foods, to getting gasoline,” said Metz.

She added that the merchant bucks are a great way to get those last minute gifts crossed off of your list.

“We are getting down to crunch time of ten days before Christmas,” Metz commented. “You’re probably thinking ‘what am I going to do about this person, this person and this person? I have no idea, I don’t have time to go shop.’ We can really fix that for you through the Carrollton Economic Alliance. We sell merchant bucks, which includes something like 30 businesses in the county, in the area and in the town.”

To find out where to get merchant bucks, call the Carrollton Area Economic Alliance at 660-542-0922.