An agri-business company is encouraging farmers to set up a deworming schedule.   KMZU’s Janet Adkison has that story…vw-BusinessMerck-2-ja

Proper herd maintenance can help cattle producers and their animals prepare for challenges yet to come.  Merck Animal Health Veterinarian Dr. Harold Newcomb says farmers should recognize that only 5-to-10-percent of a parasite population is in the animal.  That leaves 90-to-95-percent of the infestation in the field itself..

“So if we don’t manage that, then we’re not going to get very far.  The deal with strategically timed deworming, what we can do is lower the parasite burden out there on the pasture, in the cow, it turns into probably around 30 to 35 extra pounds of weaning weight on the calf.”  Newcomb says there’s an additional benefit, “we’ve seen increases in conception rates of 10 to 11 percent.”

According to Newcomb, even a small worm population will have a huge economic impact on an animal that’s already nutritionally stressed.   Eliminating the pests will help cattle  maximize the food that’s available and give farmers heavier calves to market.  

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