LEXINGTON — A Mexico City, Mexico man has been found guilty by a jury of kidnapping, rape and sodomy in Lafayette County.

According to a release from Lafayette County Prosecuting Attorney Kristen Hilbrenner, chargers were filed against Alain Camarillo-Linan in 2018 when the Higginsville Police Department and Homeland Security found two partially nude females and three males inside a room of the Super 8 Motel at the junction of I-70 and Highway 13.

Upon investigation it was found that Camarillo-Linan was hired by transport two then 20-year-old girls from Arizona to their families in New Jersey. The group stopped at the motel so Camarillo-Linan could drink. During the night, he contacted the girls’ families to extort them for more money as he thought he was not being paid enough for the trip. When the families indicated they didn’t have the money he was asking for, he hit, kicked, raped and sodomized both girls.

The release says Camarillo-Linan, now 26, was sentenced on July 2 to 25 years in prison for first degree rape, seven years for second degree rape, 25 years each on two counts of sodomy and 15 years each on two counts of kidnapping. The charges will run consecutively for a total of 112 years in prison. The release states that because Camarillo-Linan’s crimes are considered dangerous felonies,  he will need to serve 85% of his sentence before he is eligible for parole.