Columbia, Missouri ­ MFA Incorporated, MFA local affiliates and MFA Oil Company announced a $200,000 contribution to the Missouri State Fair Foundation to fund the construction of a covered Coliseum Annex Arena on the Missouri State Fairgrounds.  The new building will be called the MFA Coliseum Annex Arena.
Construction of the new 70 by 220-foot structure will cover the current warm-up ring located north of the historic Coliseum, converting it into a versatile livestock facility for both warm-up and competition uses.  The new addition to the Missouri State Fair livestock facility will be used for the State Fair as well as for more than 40 off-season events.
“This new Arena will provide a high quality facility for Missourians to showcase their livestock year-round,” says Jerry Taylor, current president of the MFA Foundation, “and continues the MFA companies’ commitment to supporting the rural communities that we serve.”
The contribution will come from the MFA Incorporated Foundation, MFA Oil Foundation and the joint MFA Foundation, to which the companies contribute. 
“We are thrilled with this significant contribution from the MFA Companies to construct the covered Coliseum Annex Arena,” says Marion Lucas, chairman of the Missouri State Fair Foundation.  “It will bring a tremendous value to the State Fair for many years to come.”
The Missouri State Fair Foundation, formed in 1998, is an independent, not-for-profit that seeks to improve the State Fair grounds through the construction of new facilities and the renovation of existing buildings, many which of which are on the National Historic Register.