Miami Levee District landowners attended a special informational meeting in Marshall Wednesday. Click to hear KMZU’s Bob Allen talk with Missouri River Recovery Program Engineer Joe Gibbs:

Joe Gibbs

Gibbs says thanks to warnings and alerts sent by the Missouri Levee Drainage District Association, larger problems were avoided as Tom Waters was able to get information to the necessary parties in an expedient fashion.

According to Gibbs, the purpose of the session was to inform members and residents of the work that is being done by the various agencies in charge of flood management for the Missouri River Basin. During the meeting, Gibbs outlined the advisory work being done by the Missouri River Recovery Implementation Committee. The committee is made up stakeholders from local, state, tribal, and federal interests throughout the Missouri River Basin for the restoration of habitats of endangered species.

Gibbs says getting involved is the best way to ensure the future of flood management in the Midwest.