Washington (DTN) – Lisa Jackson, administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency, was able to bury one of the frequently mentioned myths about EPA’sregulatory issues surrounding agriculture by officially exempting milk products from regulations on oil spills. 
“That exemption is now today finished with White House review and will be issued later today,” Jackson told agriculture reporters in a meeting Tuesday.
The change in the rule exempts milk, an animal fat product, from regulations involving the Oil Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure rule.  It’s a rule that ensures oil storage has a secondary or backup containment to keep oil out of streams, rivers or groundwater.
Since earlier this year, Jackson has been trying to show that EPA is not trying to regulate agriculture with the veracity that critics claim.  She has argued EPA does not have any plans to regulate livestock emissions of greenhouse gases, or in other words, a “cow tax.”
A review of particulate matter, or dust rules, is a five-year review of the science and possible regulations required by law, but Jackson said EPA is not proposing to regulate farm dust as one of the outcomes of that process.  Further, EPA is not demanding zero tolerance of spray drift, she said.