CARTHAGE, Mo. — For over 70 years, the Missouri Association of Meat Processors has been connecting small to medium-sized operations across the state, helping them to stay competitive with larger processors while providing a forum where operators can meet, collaborate, and share information. For MAMP President Jennifer Witthaus, the organization is an extension of a proud family history as well as its own close-knit community.

“I’ll be a second generation operator, and I have grown up in the business since I could stand up to the wrapping table,” she said. “My parents became members in 1984, and the knowledge and the experience and the comradery with all of the different plants that we got – it’s a very valuable asset.”

The organization has expanded its scope over the years, and now provides far more to members than ways to promote and grow their businesses. In addition to annual conventions and competitions, members have access to continued education about the meat processing industry through the University of Missouri Extension, are kept abreast of legislation and lobbying efforts, and can even earn scholarships to pursue higher education. For Witthaus, it comes back to that sense of community: no matter the size and scale of their operation, members always have someone to turn to when they need a helping hand.

“If there’s ever a time that they have questions that they can’t figure out themselves, whether technical or regulatory, we have a great group of people that can help provide you with the answers you’re needing to get to help you work through any situation that’s out there,” she said.

Witthaus invites meat processing operators and suppliers interested in learning more about MAMP or becoming a member to visit their website..