JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. –Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley has announced legislative proposals to strengthen the enforcement of the Missouri Sunshine Law. The decision comes following a meeting with the leaders of the Missouri Press Association, according to a press release from Hawley’s office.

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley

The attorney general’s office has three proposals to strengthen current sunshine laws. One proposal is the creation of a Transparency Division within the attorney general’s office.  Another proposal asks for the authorization to issue investigative subpoenas during public-record law investigations. The last proposals asks for the legislature to create solutions for violations of Chapter 109 of Missouri Revised Statues – known as the Missouri Sunshine Law – and give Hawley’s office the power to enforce those solutions.

When asked about current legislative proposals, Hawley said “the people of Missouri deserve an open, honest and transparent government. Open-records laws ensure that Missourians and the press can hold government accountable.”