Listen to KMZU’s Ashley Johnson interview Superintendent Aerin O’Dell

In May of last year, a tornado caused considerable damage to the small town of Orrick, Mo.  Homes, businesses, and other structures including the school building suffered damage.  Due to the small area the storm impacted, Orrick did not meet the criteria required for regular federal or state disaster relief programs such as FEMA and SEMA.  While the school was able to achieve make-shift repairs to allow the 2015 session to commence, many more repairs are needed.

After School District approval of the sale of a 1.3 million dollar bond and repair amounts covered by insurance, the building foundation was deemed unfit and in need of repair.  This, however, was not covered by insurance.

Representative Joe Don McGaugh (R) of Carrollton worked with House Budget Chairman Tom Flanigan to secure the appropriation into HB18.

Governor Jay Nixon has not yet signed or rejected the bill, and has 15 days from

Superintendent of Orrick School District, Aerin O’Dell stated the additional funding would help the rebuilding project tremendously and appreciates everything Representative McGaugh has done to bring it about.