The Army Corps of Engineers activated the Birds Point – New Madrid Floodway on May 2, flooding parts of Mississippi and New Madrid Counties as well as continued rain in the southeast district (Bootheel) added to the widespread flooding. Nearly 600,000 acres divided between 10 southeastern counties were flooded. Less than 1 day was suitable for fieldwork in the Bootheel, however state-wide conditions averaged 3.4 days suitable for fieldwork. Pleasantly warm sunny conditions accompanied by warm winds allowed nearly 4 to 6 days suitable for most of Missouri.
Corn planted was 59 percent, 16 days behind last year, and 1 day behind the normal pace. Corn emergence was 28 percent, 6 days behind normal. Soybeans were 7 percent planted, 6 days behind last year, and 3 days behind normal. Sorghum planted was at 5 percent, compared to 17 percent last year, and 10 points behind normal. The winter wheat crop continued to be above average with 58 percent headed, 6 days ahead of last year and 3 days ahead of normal. Winter wheat condition declined slightly to 24 percent poor to very poor, 34 percent fair, and 42 percent good to excellent.
Pasture conditions remained similar to last week with 4 percent poor, 37 percent fair, and 59 percent good to excellent.