MISSOURI — Farmers across the state are reporting progress as normal in this weeks Crop Progress and Conditions Report from the USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service.

With slightly higher than normal temperatures averaging at 70.7 degrees and only 0.32 inches of precipitations, farmers were allotted 5.1 days suitable for fieldwork.

Throughout the state, 94 percent of corn has emerged. Last week, 89 percent was and last year, 100 percent had emerged. Soybeans are 71 percent planted and 51 percent emerged this week. Last week, 54 percent was planted and 34 percent was emerged.

Of the corn that has emerged, 51 percent is  in good condition and 34 percent is in fair condition. No information has been released for soybean condition.

The full report can be found at www.nass.usda.gov free of charge.