The Missouri Department of Labor is addressing worker misclassification. Division Director of Employment Security Gracia Backer says this is also a nationwide problem. Click to hear Backer.


“It’s when a worker is not classified as an employee. And if you aren’t classified as an employee you do not pay into social security. Your employer is not paying into unemployment insurance for your benefit should you be deemed eligible. And probably the employer’s not paying into workman’s comp, should you be hurt on the job as an employee. So, the employee is negatively affected.”

Backer says it is important employers and employees know how to handle the situation. Click to hear Backer.


“Ignorance of the law is no excuse. But sometimes things are so detailed, people have to be informed. Employees need to know, they need to take on that responsibility too. If they feel they are not being reported correctly, they need to let the Division of Labor know and their employer know.

Misclassifying workers gives employers an unfair advantage and prevents workers from getting access to benefits such as work comp and unemployment.

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