The Missouri Department of Labor was honored with special national recognition during the annual Occupational Safety and Health Consultation Conference.

The On-Site Consultation Achievement Recognition award is given to a state with outstanding achievement in a project not part of the Consultation Annual Project Plan. The Missouri On-Site Safety and Health Consultation Program was acknowledged for its benefits to Missouri businesses.

Director of Communications for the Missouri Department of Labor Tom Bastian, said the program is mobile, bringing representatives to the business for consultation.


“They provide confidential, mock OSHA inspections to businesses that request them,” Bastian said. “If they do find a potential hazard during an inspection, they work with the business and the employees to find a way to fix it that is best for the workers and the safety of the business.”

The hazards found during mock inspections range from small exposed wires to larger potential threats, including guards on industrial machinery. Bastian said once hazards are identified, business can choose to go through the department’s consultation program.

“If employers choose to go through the On-Site Safety and Health Consultation Program, a business could qualify to be eligible for the Safety and Health Recognition Program,” Bastian explained. “This program, among other things, provides an up to three year exemption from OSHA programmed inspections.”

Bastian commented this recognition is huge for the Department of Labor, highlighting their accomplishments on a national stage.

“Bottom line, safety of the worker is crucial,” Bastian said. “They’re the ones that get the work done, and there’s no amount you can put on the safety of workers.”