Missouri DNR on Twitter

Many would say flooding in Missouri has been abnormal over the last several months, and Missouri Department Natural Resources agrees.

Particularly, those who are having to clean up in the aftermath say the past months flooding has made those efforts difficult. Environmental Scientist with the department, Stephen McLane, says hundreds of containers have been beached along the banks of the Missouri.

Tanks and cans containing propane, gas, fertilizer, anhydrous ammonia, normally have to be cleaned up after brief flooding, but this years clean-up efforts were much different.  McLane says Flooding has been constant this year, especially in northwest Missouri, Nebraska, and Iowa.  Only now are cleanup crews identifying and removing that debris.

the majority of the debris was found in extreme northwest Missouri, most of it north of St. Joseph, although some items were found as far downriver as St. Louis. Missouri DNR now has to identify the potential owners of the containers where possible.  The rest of the product and containers are recycled.

The agency has collected so far over 700 containers, and may be collecting them through at least January.

His advice for the next flood event is for those living in flood plains to label their containers.