MISSOURI — The Missouri Department of Resources is offering free water infrastructure funding workshops this summer.

Photo: Missouri Department of Natural Resources

A press release states the workshops are designed for community leaders who are seeking funding assistance for public water or wastewater treatment system projects.

Workshop participants will hear speakers from the department’s Financial Assistance Center and Soil and Wastewater Conservation Program, Missouri Department of Economic Development and U.S. Department of Agriculture – Rural Development program.

Topics will include different aspects of subsidized financial assistance for treatment infrastructure projects, available resources for nonpoint source pollution controls and how to apply for energy efficiency loans. A representative from the Kansas City law firm Gilmore & Bell, P.C. will discuss bonds and other financing methods available to public entities.

In addition, local community leaders will share insights from their own infrastructure improvement projects. An open house during each workshop will allow participants to discuss their community’s specific needs with agency staff.

The workshops are offered in four locations, June 6 in Webb City, June 13 in Perry, July 9 in Perryville, and July 19 in Jefferson City.

For more information, visit the Department of Natural Resources website.