american-farm-bureau-logoMissouri- The President of the Missouri Farm Bureau, Blake Hurst released a statement on Friday, August 28, praising an injunction passed by a North Dakota Federal District Court Judge. In Hurst’s words the injunction offers farmers in twelve states a temporary reprieve from the Waters of the United States rule.

The WOTUS rule has been hotly contested and some lawmakers, including the Judge who passed the injunction, find it may violate the Clean Water Act and the Administrative Procedures Act.

Thanks to the actions of Missouri leaders the rule will not be enforced within the state, although it will be enforced in territories outside of the imposed injunction. The Bureau’s president called the injunction good news for the farmers of Missouri and spoke out against the EPA stating “It is time for the EPA to admit its mistake and ditch the rule.” Hurst also noted the organizations increased isolation after vocal opposition from the public, the Corps of Engineers, the U.S. House of Representatives as well as multiple state and local governments.