JEFFERSON CITY, MO – A groundbreaking study featured in a report submitted to the U.S. Congress, comes from a foundation that originated out of Missouri.

The American Leadership and Policy Foundation contributed to the research that led to the recommendation that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission be directed to harden over 100 nuclear power reactors and spent fuel storage facilities to protect them against a nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse attack. During such an attack, the electric grid would be adversely impacted.

State representative, Dean Dohrman, district 51, is a board member on the ALPF, which is a nonprofit research organization in Kansas City. In a report from the Missouri Capitol, Dohrman says, the research indicates the U.S. would be experiencing serious problems immediately after an EMP attack, or a coronal ejection from the sun. Nuclear reactors only have enough emergency electric power to cool reactor cores for a few days, after which, radioactivity would spread over much of the country.