Brian Adkison

Brian Adkison

After escaping through the ceiling of the Caldwell County Jail on August 11th, the manhunt for Brian Adkison, 23, has come to an end. Authorities in Westlake, Ohio took the him into custody on Wednesday, September 4th.

Adkison was spotted by the Westlake Officers early Tuesday morning, sleeping in a stolen truck. He led law enforcement on a car chase, before escaping on foot. According to the Westlake Police Department, a civilian later spotted him traveling on a bicycle around 1:00 Wednesday afternoon, and notified authorities. Adkison again tried to escape, this time by ducking into the woods. Officers set up a perimeter. Adkison was seen inside the Huntington Nursing Home at 1:25 p.m., and soon arrested.

The Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office received notification later in the day that Adkison had been taken into custody.

Adkison is accused of a multitude of crimes.He allegedly kidnapped and assaulted his ex-girlfriend from the Hamilton area. She later showed up at a Columbia hospital. He is then accused of leading authorities on a week-long man hunt before being taken into custody the first time.

In Boone County, Adkison is charged with burglary, forcible rape, and deviate sexual assault. In Caldwell County, he is charged with kidnapping, domestic assault, and violation of a protection order. He is also charged with escape from custody and damage to the jail or jail property. He faces one count of tampering with a motor vehicle in Carroll County. One count of burglary has been filed against Adkison in Morgan County. Charges of tampering with a motor vehicle have also been filed in Clay County.

Local charges have not been filed in Ohio at this time, but are being considered.