Jefferson City– In a bipartisan 88-40 vote, the Missouri Made Fuels Act passed House Bill 529 out of the House of Representatives. The bill will join Senate Bill 96, for consideration in the upper chamber.

Sponsored by Rep. Mike Haffner of Pleasant Hill, House Bill 529 establishes a minimum biodiesel content for all diesel fuel sold or offered for sale in Missouri. The bill has widespread support among agriculture organizations and business, including livestock groups.

“We’re glad to see this vote and the strong support for the Missouri Made Fuels Act,” said Ronnie Russell, Missouri Soybean Association president and a farmer from Richmond. “Soybean oil is the top component of Missouri-made biodiesel, and that’s win-win for Missouri because soybeans are our number one crop. We appreciate the recognition of biodiesel’s impact across Missouri and the bright future ahead for our economy, rural communities and agriculture.”

With seven plants generating roughly 200 million gallons of the renewable fuel per year, Missouri is a national leader in biodiesel production. Just in Missouri alone, biodiesel production and distribution support more than 3,200 jobs and provides a $1.3 billion economic impact. Biodiesel produces 86 percent fewer lifecycle greenhouse gases than petroleum-based diesel fuel, and requires no engine modifications or special handling.