The University of Missouri Extension in Lafayette County will start the next session of Missouri on the Move at the end of the month.  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross speak with Health Program Associate Jennifer Butler:

Jennifer Butler

Butler said the eight-week program is designed to measure the number steps a person takes daily,  increasing daily steps has a number of benefits.  “Not only weight management, and prevention of type two diabetes, and heart health, but you feel better, you sleep better, you’re more self-confident, the list just goes on and on,” said Butler, “The benefits are endless.  And the good thing about walking is everybody can do it.”  The program starts on September 30th.  Those interested in participating can contact the Lafayette County MU Extension Office at (660) 584-3658.

Press Release from the University of Missouri Extension

“Missouri on the Move…in Lafayette County” is an eight-week walking program that will be held in Higginsville, Lexington, Wellington, Napoleon and Corder starting September 30th. “Step by step, you and your family can walk your way to better health,” states Lynda Johnson, R.D., Nutrition & Health Education Specialist with University of Missouri Extension. “Studies show that 30 minutes of accumulated moderate activity like walking can significantly improve your health,” Johnson says.

The goal of this project is to encourage each participant to increase their walking an average of 2000 steps per day, which is equivalent to walking approximately one mile. However, each individual will set his or her own step goal. The program uses an electronic step counter (pedometer) to help participants keep track of their steps over an 8-week period, September 30th through November 24th.

Who can participate?

All ages are encouraged to participate. Each registered participant will receive a research quality step counter (pedometer), and a log to keep track of steps. You can participate as an individual, or as a member of a team. Various awards/incentives will be available.

Team Leaders Needed

Although individuals can sign up, “team leaders” are being recruited to help promote the program at worksites, churches, community organizations, or neighborhoods in Lexington, Higginsville, Wellington, Napoleon and Corder. Teams consist of at least 8 people who encourage one another. Team leaders share information about the program, help recruit participants, and maintain a chart on the total weekly steps of team members. If you are interested in being a team leader, contact Jen Butler at 816-617-5961 or the Extension office 660-584-3658.

How do I sign up?

Participants will register for the “Missouri on the Move” walking program through their team leader. If you need a team please contact Jen Butler at 816-617-5961 or the Extension office at 660-584-3658.

“Missouri on the Move” is sponsored by the University of Missouri Extension, Health Coalition of Lafayette County, and Lafayette Regional Health Center.
For more information on the Missouri on the Move…in Lafayette County program, or to sign up as a Team Leader, contact Jen Butler (816) 617-5961 [email protected] or Lynda Johnson with University of Missouri Extension at (660) 584-3658

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