The traditional picnic associated with the Fourth of July holiday shouldn’t hurt Missourians’ pocketbooks too much this year.  The American Farm Bureau launched an informal survey to compare prices from around the country.  The proposed ten-person meal included hot dogs, hamburgers, spare ribs, potato salad, baked beans, and corn chips.  The nation-wide cost averaged $57.20, but Missouri’s cost was significantly cheaper, at $47.17.

Press Release from the Missouri Farm Bureau

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Nothing says “Fourth of July” like a cook-out! This year’s celebration finds traditional picnic foods priced lower in Missouri compared to the national average. The American Farm Bureau launched a new informal survey this year to compare prices across the country for items typically included in this favorite summer menu.

The menu for 10 people includes hot dogs and hamburgers complete with buns and condiments, spare ribs, deli potato salad, baked beans and corn chips. Lemonade and chocolate milk were included, along with watermelon for dessert.

Purchasing these items to accommodate a gathering of 10 people rang in nationally at $57.20, or $5.72 per person. However, Missouri shoppers found prices significantly lower for a total of $47.17, making the per person cost $4.72.

Of the 14 items surveyed, “Show Me” shoppers found 12 priced lower while two were slightly higher than the national figures. The major price savings were at the meat counter. All meat prices were less in Missouri: $6.56 for 2 pounds of ground round compared to $7.86; 1 pound of mixed meat hot dogs was $1.27 versus $2.29; and 4 pounds of spare ribs rang in at $10.68, $1.61 less than the national average of $12.29.

Americans can celebrate a consistent, high-quality supply of food that allows us to make choices that meet our nutritional needs. Retail food prices have increased modestly over the past year. However, most will find the food items for the summer picnic pleasing to their wallet.