Click play below to listen to KMZU’s Shaylee Miller speak with Missouri State Representative of the 51st District, Dean Dohrman:

Dean Dohrman

mo house of repsThe Missouri House of Representatives came back from their Spring Break with a couple of tasks at hand.

One of the first items discussed was Senate Bill 11, also known as the Ethics Reform Bill. “We changed a few things from the Senate version,” Dohrman explained, “One is creating a $25 limit for lobbyist gifts for any elected official. That is something that we thought, well we can still have a lunch or a light dinner and talk about business, but it doesn’t go overboard. So, we kind of settled on a $ 25 limit on the House side.”

Another area of the bill was also changed while in the House, with hopes of strengthening the proposed reform. “Also, in the Senate version they had a ban on becoming a lobbyist for two years after we leave the general assembly,” stated Dohrman, “But that would not apply to anyone currently in the legislature. We changed that to a one year ban, to becoming a lobbyist after leaving the general assembly, but it would apply to all of us right now who are elected.”

Moving on to another piece of legislation, House reps. discussed a new model of medical care. With approval won, House Bill 769 was sent to the Senate for final passage. “Basically what it does, is it allows an individual to pay a monthly fee to have a doctor on hand, basically a general practitioner, regular check-ups, those sort of things,” Dohrman gave some details into the proposed bill, “This would allow that money to come from pre-tax dollars, out of a health savings account, so it’s a saving to the individual and this is in addition to any insurance so it doesn’t fall under any of the new regulations.”

Support is high for the health bill, which is aimed at helping constituents as well as Doctors. “It’s kind of a way to help people get the primary and regular care that they want from a doctor,” Dohrman offered more explanation, “To get some tax benefit from it, but not effecting other health insurance. I’ve talked to Representative Fredrick, who is a medical doctor, about this and he’s put a lot of thought and work into this and I think he really has a good model. So, I’m hopeful for this bill, I think it would do some good. It’s certainly worth a try, I’ll say that.”

To read more of Dohrmans Capitol Report, visit his page on the Missouri House of Representatives website.