A local state Senator and a local state Representative have both introduced legislation to the Missouri General Assembly aimed at keeping the A10 bomber in use in the military. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Representative Dean Dohrman, of La Monte:

Dean Dohroman

If it is adopted, it will be sent to Congress in Washington, D.C. “Militarily speaking, we can find a lot of pilots that say the A-10 is a great plane to fly,” said Dohrman. “I don’t think I’ve spoken yet to an infantry person that doesn’t like the A-10 because they give a lot of ground support. And it is a tough plane. It’s an old plane, but it’s very tough. It’s got a lot of metal to it; it’s hard to shoot down.”

House Concurrent Resolution 13 is co-sponsored by Stanley Cox, of Sedalia. Senator David Pearce, of Warrensburg, has introduced similar legislation into the other chamber.

More information is available at house.mo.gov.