Flooding along the Missouri River has prompted officials to issue closures to recreational boating traffic. Click to hear KMZU’s Jillian Molloy talk with State Highway Patrol Public Information Officer Sgt. Jerry Callahan.

Jerry Callahan

Press Release from the Missouri State Highway Patrol:

Colonel Ronald K. Replogle, superintendent, of the Missouri State Highway

Patrol announces that the state of Missouri will issue closures to

recreational boating traffic on the Missouri River in the areas most

affected by high flood water. The Highway Patrol plans to issue

coordinated river closures in conjunction with the United States Coast

Guard as the flood waters move through Missouri. Currently, the Missouri

River is closed to all vessel traffic in the state of Missouri from river

mile 450 near St. Joseph, Missouri, to the Iowa state line. The Missouri

State Highway Patrol will work closely with the United States Coast Guard

to manage the river closures.

For more information on a complete list of United States Coast Guard river

closures and advisories, recreational boaters are encouraged to monitor

marine band channel 16 or 22A for broadcast notices to mariners for updates

to operating restrictions. Also the public may view notices on the

following website: