The Missouri Senate considered several bills this week.  Click to hear Senate Communications Officer Dean Morgan discuss some of the legislation:

Dean Morgan

Senate Bills 20, 15, and 19 were combined into a single measure addressing benevolent tax credits this week.

Senator Dan Brown, of Rolla, introduced Senate Bill 75 to the General Laws Committee.  The bill would require school districts and charter schools to provide education and training about firearm safety and potentially dangerous or armed intruders.

Senate Bill 11 would create a phased-in individual income tax deduction for business income and reduce the corporate income tax rate over a five-year period.

Senate Bill 31 would increase the tax on cigarettes by 26 cents, modify the state individual income tax rate and increase the state sales and use taxes by one-half percent.

Senate Bill 82 is a measure that would require the governor to call a special election if the office of lieutenant governor is vacated.