JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — The Missouri Senate is one week from its annual mid-session recess, which marks the halfway mark of the legislative session.

According to Senate President Pro Tem Ron Richard of Joplin, there are still a number of bills yet to be considered.

“And, if it’s ready to be taken in by me, I haven’t turned down any legislation and said, ‘We’re not going to take it in, particularly if it’s passed out of committee,’” he said.

With that in mind, Senate Minority Floor Leader Joseph Keaveny of St. Louis says there are still several weeks left in session.

“There’s some bills on the calendar that warrant a lot of discussion,” he explained.

Missouri senators are still working toward finishing all six of the Missouri House bills that relate to ethics reform. They have voted on half of those.

This past Friday, the 13 measures that comprise the Fiscal Year 2017 operating budget for the state were taken into the Missouri Senate. Debate on those could start as early as March 29. The budget has to be completed by May 6.