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Senator Claire McCaskill recently announced some details about new legislation focused on fixing issues that led to unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. During a conference call with Missouri Press, Senator McCaskill made claims that recent research found some police departments in Missouri to have a disproportionate amount of weaponry, up to and including military grade Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles. The Senator announced new legislation is aimed at fixing those mistakes. The new Protecting Community and Police Act garners support from both the NAACP and the National Tactical Officers Association and aims to reform federal programs without reducing funding. The bill also has the support of both the St. Louis and St. Louis County Chief of Police along with the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis, and the Kansas City Chief of Police. Some amendments are still currently pending on the bill. Senator Claire McCaskill also blamed budget cuts for a reduction in past police programs within Missouri communities. The Senator noted that the community policing model is currently flawed, but projects could be put in place to fix these problems. She also said that the newly passed budget isn’t helping as it continues to cut funding for community action programs. Senator McCaskill closed by pointing out the importance of attracting African Americans into more position within the Missouri police force so that police departments across the state more accurately reflect the communities.