JEFFERSON CITY, MO  The Missouri Soybean Association  released a statement yesterday endorsing Governor Mike Parson for Governor. The release came out shortly after Governor Parson announced his bid for GOP candidate from his home in Bolivar. The President of the Soybean Association, C. Brooks Hurst, says Governor Parson has steadfast leadership and commitment to Missouri.

Mike Parson, 2017 Cattlemen of the Year

Hurst went on to say. “He truly gets it and we’re all stronger thanks to Parson’s support of rural communities, infrastructure, and opportunities like biodiesel.”

The Missouri Soybean Association board of directors’ say their decision to endorse Parson is because of his understanding of and dedication to agriculture.  The way Parson backed many farmer issues was noted by the Missouri Soybean Association’s board of directors in their unanimous vote to endorse  Parson for Governor in 2020.