Highway-Patrol-patch3JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — The Missouri State Highway Patrol is making an effort to inform Missourians of new laws that will affect travels.

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon singed eight pieces of legislation into law. All eight bills became effect Friday, August 28.

House Bill 269 requires any Class II Vessel operating on Missouri waters to carry two B1 type fire extinguishers, one B2 fire extinguisher, or a fixed fire extinguisher system and one B1 type extinguisher.

House Bill 650 allows white and amber auxiliary lighting on motorcycles. The lighting can not be flashing, blinking or oscillating, and must be directed toward the engine and drive train of the motorcycle. This is to prevent any interference with the rider’s operation of the motorcycle. LED strips will also be included under the new law.

House Bill 686 redefines the term “junk” as applied to vehicles. The new definition includes any vehicle that has been designated as junk or an equivalent designation by another state. The bill allows anyone purchasing a junk vehicle to apply for a junking certificate, as well as the salvage certificate of title or certificate of ownership to the Department of Revenue. The bill also removes the requirement that all 30-day temporary registration permits must be recorded on a dealer’s sales report, as long as the sale is recorded by electronic means.

Senate Bill 12 revises weight limits for motorists transporting livestock. Under the new law, livestock are included with the current milk exemption for weight limits on highways, but not interstates, of up to 85,500 pounds. The law also allows trucks hauling grains and co-products during harvest season to exceed weight limits by 10 percent, excluding interstates.

Senate Bill 231 requires all Class 2 recreational motorboats to carry two B1 type fire extinguishers, or one B2 fire extinguisher, or a fixed fire extinguisher system and a B1 type extinguisher while on the water.

Senate Bill 254 allows the license plate on a trailer or motorcycle to be mounted horizontally or vertically.

The Recreational Water Use Laws Brochure requires the ater Patrol Division to develop and distribute a brochure in regards to recreational water use laws. the brochure must be distributed to recreational water equipment rental facilities in the state and any county commissioner.

A new law in reference to Intoxicated Related Offenses allows the Department of Revenue to extend how long a driver must keep an ignition interlock device equipped if the device detects an attempt to tamper with it, or detects any alcohol concentration above the set point within the last three months of the installation period. The time will be extended until the offender goes three months without incident.