Click play below to listen to KMZU’s Ashley Johnson speak with the new Superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Colonel J. Bret Johnson:

Missouri State Highway Patrol Superintendent, Colonel J. Bret Johnson

New Missouri State Highway Patrol Superintendent, Colonel J. Bret Johnson


The Missouri State Highway Patrol has upheld the same high standards and expectations for its law enforcement officers since Governor Henry Caulfield signed the legislation into law on April 24th, 1931 finalizing the bill and beginning what is now an over 80 year old agency. Since its first round of Troopers to go through the academy, 21 Superintendents have ensured the good name of the MOHP, upholding the agencies vision, mission, and core values. As of May 1st, 2015 the 5-year 21st Superintendent, Colonel Ron Replogle, was officially retired and Colonel J. Bret Johnson was announced as the 22nd Superintendent.

Johnson’s background includes 29 years of experience in the department and over 30 years in law enforcement all together. He began his career with the Highway Patrol in August of 1989 as a member of the 58th recruit class. A native to Unionville, Johnson first served in the field in Troop B’s area headquartered in Macon, then moved to Troop F (Jefferson City), and was then assigned to the General Headquarters as the legislative liaison. Finally, Johnson transferred to the Field operations Bureau where he has since spent his career before being nominated by Governor Jay Nixon to become Superintendent in February 2015.

Johnson’s goal while holding this position is simple, maintain the departments high standards by hiring good people, give them the training they need including post academy training, and make sure to hold them accountable for the high expectations of the agency. Johnson also stated that in his profession, clarity in every situation is an essential goal as well. “I’m not talking about the Highway Patrol specifically but just in law enforcement around the country, I think that as the statewide agency we have to be leaders, we have to be accountable, we have to be transparent, and we have to be honest in everything that we do,” Johnson expressed, “Not only dealing with the public but in everything that we do.”

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