Mo-supreme-courtJEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — A lawyer for a Missouri mother says a pawn shop was wrong to sell her mentally ill daughter a gun that was used in a fatal shooting.

Attorney Jonathan Lowy of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence told Supreme Court judges Wednesday that Odessa Gun & Pawn was negligent.

Pawn shop lawyer Derek MacKay says state and federal laws protect firearms dealers from such claims. Lowy also challenged the constitutionality of a federal gun commerce law.

Colby Sue Weathers fatally shot her father in 2012 on the same day she bought a gun. She is schizophrenic and later was committed to a state mental institution.

Weathers’ mother, Janet Delana of Wellington, had asked the pawn shop not to sell her daughter the gun.

Judges didn’t indicate when they’ll rule.